a stick in a gym (experience)


For the past few years I always think of how it feels going into a room full of dumbbells, treadmill, men and women lifting weights. In other angle, I thought   how it feels going into a gym. At first, I really hate the idea because I think it is just a waste of energy, waste of energy lifting heavy dumbbells and running in an electrical treadmill. Until, the day came wherein we are tasked to go into a gym and experience the things most people do inside the gym.


Last 27th of February, Tuesday; I have decided go into a gym and out myself into action with passion and determination. When I entered the gym I had a “jaw-dropping” moment. I was amazed by the equipment inside on it from smallest type of dumbbell into the biggest electronic machine. I started the session by paying minimum payment which is thirty pesos. Afterwards, I was told to do 5 minutes warm-up to warm up my muscles for me not to experience muscle cramps after the session and so I did it. Next, I started lifting weights (3kg dumbbells) to practice my arms whenever I lift heavy things. I tried doing squat rack to train primarily the muscles of the thighs. I also had the chance to use hammer strength machine and pulleys to test my arms and legs endurance and also the stability ball to practice balancing weight. Another thing I learned during the gym session is, when going to gym you also have to balance and monitor the food you are eating. The gym instructor told me to eat more food that is rich in protein because it helps in to building and repairing tissues. After doing and testing the different equipment in the gym I was tasked to do 5 minutes cool down exercise to relax my muscle and to restore my normal breathing.

Going to the gym was a fun experience and a memorable one. I have learned a lot of things, a prominent one is, and in doing things you must apply passion and determination to success. It’s like lifting weights if you do it with passion and determination you will achieve the body you desire the most but if you do it against your will there is a higher chance you will get injured. See, it is like how life works what you do matters but what matters the most is how you do it.



I’ll be writing a sort of “book review” soon, not totally a review but more of a reaction paper about the book.

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Semi-Fruit of Labor

A whole new grading for the second semester is done. All the hard works, sleepless nights and depressions were paid off. Wait, it is like I am saying that school just ended. But, actually school did not end yet. Well, it is somehow the same if you look beyond. Moving on, the First Grading for the second semester was a blast, different and more complicated subjects, and more. I could say that this semester is the hardest so far. But, when the grading or maybe you call it in your place “quarter” or whatsoever, is about to end and you know you will be walking the aisle and you will receive certificate. You will feel relieved and proud of yourself. I could say it because I feel the same too every time same situation is happening. The certificate is just a prize to show that all your labors will be paid off if you just do your best in all things. Anyhoo, congratulations to myself and  to my fellow awardees.


School is the place where we learn things, different things that sometimes we did not learn from the outside world. It is the home of knowledge because it is where we generate it. In my side, I often think that school is the perfect place for me and also to my fellow humans who shared same traits with me. Traits such as curiosity and the eagerness to learn things in life, for I believed that I can use what I learned in school for my future.

I wake up early in the morning to take a bath immediately, eat my breakfast, settle down myself and go to school. I am so very particular in studying and I take school seriously because I have lots of dreams to be achieved. To open the topic; I am a Senior High School student of Argao National High School (if you’re thinking what do you mean by Senior High School). Well, Senior High School is part of the K-12 Program by our previous administration. In this program our Education System here in Philippines improved due to the fact that we have additional 2 years to take just to finish the whole part of High School or Secondary Level. The 2 additional years will be used to equip the students to be a job-ready individual after they graduate High School (SHS). And by the fact that it’s just a newly established program there are still problems and criticisms all about it.


One of the problems of Senior High School in ANHS is its road that leads to the School buildings. As you can see it’s a struggle for us students to walk everyday in a path where mud and dirty waters are along the way. It is approximately 20-30 meters before you’ll reach the School Buildings. Actually the path is dry when the sun shines good and it’ll become your worst nightmare if heavy rainfall pour down. But, here in the Philippines raining is relevant even if Summer is about to come. Having this kind of path towards the school classrooms is a disappointing one, I somehow had an experience when I was in a hurry because I’m super duper ultra mega late of school and you know I have to pass the muddy path and almost got slipped. Every time when rain poured heavily, the main thing that keeps on running in my mind is the “muddy path” thinking how will I pass through it without getting much dirt. Because if the road is so muddy and dirty, just try to pass through it and you’ll see your shoes covered with mud.

Our school might have that kind of “muddy” road but still I cannot deny the fact that the training is good. It’s a worth to get enrolled in the school known Argao National High School (lmao, am I advertising our school). Others might judge and complain the kind of school I have but, Hey! after all what matters is the L.E.A.R.N.I.N.G.S.


As a student of ANHS, I will surely use the kind of situation our school is suffering right now. Now, this is a motivation for me to study hard and prove others that even if we are having “unusual” school situations right now. We are still competitive and competent enough.

Don Leon Kilat (Pantaleon Villegas)

Pantaleon Villegas a.k.a Don Leon Kilat is a Cebuano “Katipunero” was born on July 27, 1873 and also who is said to be the Cebu chieftain of “Kataas-taasang Kagalang-galangang mga anak ng Bayan” or also known as KKK in layman’s term. It was a revolutionary group or movement by the Indios (Term used to call Filipinos before) against Spaniards. During that era, Indios were abused and slaved by the Spaniards due to the fact that the Indios before are illiterate and don’t know anything.

And by the fact that the Filipinos before were brave and prideful, they created the revolutionary group and fight for their rights. The revolutionary group is also said to be as a group that fights for freedom. The revolutionary group had a main chieftain, and that was Andres Bonifacio (One of the National Heroes in the Philippines. Since the Filipinos before had the concept of “unity” the said revolutionary group is wasn’t just established in one place. But perhaps, different places from Philippines also joined the revolutionary group.

This includes, Visayas particularly in Cebu and it’s the place where Don Leon Kilat ruled as the chieftain. The name Don Leon Kilat was said to be named due to the fact that Don Leon is brave like a lion and that created his first name “Leon” and his surname “Kilat” is said to be a reflection the way he went into battles because during wars he moves so fast like a lightning and so the enemies are having a hard time to bring him down. Don Leon Kilat was believed to be a person living in Car-Car.(Car-Car is a city that is also a part of the province of Cebu)

Don Leon Kilat was praised by many not just by his bravery and determined but also to the fact that he was a good person. But Don Leon was betrayed by his people, as what my teacher have said when we had our Educational Tour Don Leon Kilat was on April 8, 1898 betrayed in such a way his constituents let him drunk and sooner or later being stabbed and smashed by eight men on the top of the table where they had their celebration.

The story of Don Leon Kilat just remind us, on how we manage on giving trust to others. Let us not assume that if we know that person by name that person will treat us  good. Remember every jungle has its own snake and it’s like our world there are lots of traitors along the way. But, all i can say is to be careful you might get bitten.

Image source: (http://www.rafi.org.ph/stories/battle-tres-de-abril-leon-kilat/)